LG's Wing launches first on Verizon priced at $999

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Editor's take: It sounds gimmicky on paper but LG has presented a number of compelling use cases. For example, users can co-watch a video with friends without sacrificing the chat window and multitask without having to flip between apps. There's also a gimbal mode that helps videographers capture footage using a "digital joystick."

LG’s dual-screen swiveling smartphone will be a Verizon exclusive when it lands on the nation’s largest wireless carrier next month.

Verizon this week confirmed that the world’s first 5G swivel smartphone, the LG Wing, will launch on October 15.

Unveiled earlier this month, the curious creation features two OLED displays, one measuring 6.8 inches and the other measuring 3.9 inches. The top screen swivels horizontally over the bottom, which remains vertical, creating a unique T-shaped interface that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before.

If nothing else, LG’s scenarios are easier to get on board with than some of the foldables we’ve seen thus far in 2020.

The price is a bit easier to swallow, too. Verizon is selling the LG Wing for $999.99, or $41.66 per month for 24 months. Sure, that’s in flagship territory, but it’s far cheaper than some other dual-screen / folding phones on the market. Microsoft's Surface Duo, for example, starts at $1,399, and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 commands a staggering $1,999.99.

LG Wing pre-orders open October 1.

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I think this is awesome but I wish there was either a physical keyboard on the bottom or that the software one was intelligent enough to support those with poor motor control.


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Actually for launch price $999 isn't pretty bad considering the unique form factor. that is IF LG solved their hideous QC in the past, like the bootloop with G4, GPS on G5, LED burn-in with V30 etc.

I'd say I;ve been impressed with LG video recording quality in the past since G4 and V10 but everything has been going downhill since. If this "gimbal" camera delivers, then it'd be worth the asking price. I'd rather have a phone with mid-range chipset with a proper videocamera than the other way round.