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Limited access to IE8 and Firefox after removal of vundo

By suedschwede
Jan 17, 2009
  1. Hi,
    my computer has been (or is) infected by Vundo and I did a lot of cleaning action following your instructions. Thanks for/to this Forum
    I've done the 8 steps several times, removed a lot of infects during the last weeks and today there isn't anything reported anymore as threat
    IE8 (and before also IE7) and also the newest version of Firefox is not able to get into the Internet. Message: Firewall is blocking the access.
    The older version of Firefox is running
    Update of Antivir or Java is also not running due to missing accessibility to Internet.
    I checked in ZONE Alarm and allowed the access manually without succes.
    Is there another setting (form which firewall ever), which is blocking??
    Thanks for some tips
  2. suedschwede

    suedschwede TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Problem solved

    Hi everone who is interested in getting some info about root cause.
    Firstly - problem solved and I'm really happy.
    Some months ago I've got a trial version of Norton Security, which I deinstalled after 50 days (I think). Deinstallation has been done with related software out of this program.
    Now I read somewhere in this forum, that there is a software called: Norton Remover and I assumed that there might be a reason for the existence of this software.
    I searched in the internet, got it, ran it and
    I've got the message from Norton via IE, that I could now purchase it.
    For sure I was happy, that IE now was working. However, I'm upset with this way of working of some provider of security systems.
    Thanks to this techspot platform again. Finally the tip to solve the problem was written down here.
  3. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Thanks for the update :grinthumb

    It's up to you, but you could do all this, just in case any infection still resides

    download the following 4 tools, and print these instructions

    1. Download VundoFix; Trojan.Vundo Removal Tool; VirtumundoBeGone and ComboFix.
    2. Go Offline - pull the cable network, turn off wireless card, turn off your modem.
    3. Restart computer and press F8 to run Windows in Safe Mode
    4. Run VundoFix.. Click on the Scan for Vundo. Scanning will begin, which takes a long time. In the white box will display the names of infected files. After the scan is complete click Remove Vundo, removal will begin. Confirm by clicking Yes. The application should ask for permission to restart your computer - click Yes. Start Windows in Safe Mode again.
    5. Run FixVundo. Click Start, and then follow the instructions. It should be noted that this application can deal only with older mutations Vundo (Virtumonde).
    6. Run VirtumondoBeGone. Click Continue and wait for the report.
    7. Run ComboFix. Then, in the two windows that appear click Yes, and start scanning and removal of any Vundo (Virtumonde) infection. During this operation, you are not allowed to move the mouse or perform other actions. After the scan is complete, program will show a text file - a report from the program's action.
    8. Restart computer and run Windows normally.
    9. Attach the report
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