Limited edition Star Wars Coke bottles sport glowing lightsaber

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Star Wars is a merchandising juggernaut and Coca-Cola is cashing in on the fandom. The beverage maker’s Singapore division has partnered with the marketing specialists at Inuru to produce a limited run of interactive Star Wars Coca-Cola bottles.

The bottles feature two designs – red and blue lightsabers for Kylo Ren and Rey, respectively. They utilize paper-thin printed electronic circuits which, when touched – as one would when picking up the bottle to have a sip – completes the circuit and illuminates an OLED that makes the lightsaber glow.

Per Mothership, the bottles can light up about 500 times (with an average five-second touch per activation) before their battery expires.

The bad news? Aside from being limited to the Singapore market, only 8,000 units are being produced. Interested parties in the region will have to solve riddles on social media to track down one of 45 secret locations where the bottles are being sold. What’s more, the “Galactic Hunt” is only taking place over the next three weekends.

Additional details can be found over on Coca-Cola's Singapore portal.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker lands in theaters on December 20.

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TS Maniac
Well Disney might not be able to come up with a decent story arc or develop a character but they sure know how to market their products.
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TS Evangelist
I was planning to visit Singapore, but not till Summer. I'd love to snag a few of these for my Star Wars fanatic family members, despite the fact I already know from leaks of the misplaced script that this film is gonna be terrible, just like the previous two.


TS Redneck
I don't understand where all the pessimism comes from, where these movies are concerned. Do they not portray your darker impulses enough, or do you just hate movies in general. I'm leaning toward both.

Carlos GarPov

TS Enthusiast
Back in the days, I remember the Pepsi Michael Jackson Cups. They changed colours depending on the temperature of the beverage poured in it. This is the same concept...


TS Guru
Amazing what people would buy anything.... I wish I can make money from these consumers like these corporates...


TechSpot Addict
I'm thinking that for the more well endowed among us, "Light Saber Condoms" might be pushed into a massive commercial success....🍆 (Sorry, I meant, "into a massive commercial abyss"). :eek: ;)


TS Evangelist
Sweet!! now we can have glowy plastic bottle labels floating around in the ocean for fish and other things to choke to death on.

Coke seriously need to stop with their stupid plastic bottles.
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