Linksys BEFSX41 firmware issues

By jobeard
Jul 25, 2006
  1. found this on a newsgroup re bad firmware updates recommending DOWNGRADING to v1.45.7, Dec 30 2003 version.

    text follows.
    I've tried upgrading to the latest Firmware from the linksys site
    (1.52.18 is the current version) - but I'm still having problems....

    The BEFSX41 is a tragic beast. It is a fabulous piece of hardware that
    never had firmware that really did it justice. I am going to suggest
    you try the v1.45.7 firmware revision. All the 1.5.x versions of the
    firmware have definite showstopper bugs in them & 1.45.7 seems to be
    the most trouble-free of all the firmware revisions available.​

    Thanks for the advice on the firmware. I was mistaken before, I was in
    fact using 1.52.10 (I had previously been using 1.50.18 and I tried to
    upgrade to Linksys's latest firmware to see if that would fix my
    problem - it did not).

    So I reverted to the v1.45.7, Dec 30 2003 version. I could not find
    this version on the Linksys website - so I got it from here:,9086151

    There is discussion of the most stable firmware version (from Jan
    2003!) here:,11329487~mode=flat

    They also suggest 1.45.7 (or 1.51.0 - with the new UI).
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