LINUX Yes or no?

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Mar 19, 2005
  1. I have been using windows ever since I have ever used a computer...and one of my friends uses Linux and I was thining about switching but I just don't know the differences and pros and cons with Linux compared to Windows...any comments?
  2. Phantasm66

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    Its good for some things that windows is not. And vice versa.

    I would dual boot. I am taking my career down a linux/UNIX path, and believe me, I still dual boot.

    Linux differs from Windows in many ways, and its is a very different world to get used to. However, there are many rewards in being a part of this world. There is some extremely interesting computing stuff going on in linux, that covers just about every part of computing. And just about everything you get will be free, and will be supported by computer enthusiasts and experts - just because they want to help you. Its a great community.

    A linux system comes out of the box with all you need to get into some really good programming (OO, scripting, all sorts), databases, networking and much more. When you install programs, you will get the source code to those programs, which you can use or examine yourself.

    In terms of playing games, listening to mp3s, office applications, internet surfing, it has no additional benefits. Windows is probably much better at these things.
  3. dopefisher

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    how about security? is linux any less vulnerable to hacker/virus/spyware attacks???? i know that macs dont get nearly as many viruses simply because not as many own them and therefore not as many are created and spread. is linux the same way>??? come your avatar gets to be bigger than 50 x50 pixels, HUH??????????!!! is this some special perk of being an admin???
  4. Phantasm66

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    linux does not really get viruses. There aren't really that many around written for it, but there is anti-virus software.

    As far hacking attacks, Fedora Core 3 comes with security enhanced linux, which contains some useful features from "trusted operating systems" - basically, almost as secure as the OSes used by bodies like the NSA, etc.

    For spyware, I there's none that I know about. I could be wrong. You could still get browser attacks and cookies that have spyware, etc, but the browser you could use would be Firefox or something (certainly not IE) so there is a whole less to worry about.
  5. dopefisher

    dopefisher TS Rookie Posts: 444

    hey thanks phantasm...i might try out linux now.

    as for your avatar...what are you
  6. zephead

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    also noteworthy is the stability of linux and it's more efficient use of resources.
  7. Justin

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    Just like with windows when you first began using a PC, if someone makes a switch to linux they have to learn. A lot of people get frustrated because things don't work the way they expect them to, rather then learning what the new way to do something is.

    I use linux pretty much exclusively. I find it to be vastly superior for my media needs (DVD watching, ripping and burning, listening to various sound formats, et cetera). The only drawback to linux is 3d games. Linux has poor support for games, largely due to game manufacturers not developing for the platform. It is getting far better, though.

    I used to use only windows and DOS. One day I decided to switch, cold turkey, so I did. After a few months, there was absolutely nothing windows could do that linux couldn't better. However, I had time to learn it - and didn't get pissed at myself if something didn't work right away. If you do decide to try, remember that you will need to learn.
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