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By win2k_casp
May 22, 2004
  1. on my win2k machine, i have four profiles,
    the administraor(built -in windows), 3 user accouts(1 power user, 2 admins). the problem is that only one(1 of the admins) log-in properly. by that i mean, it logs in and loads the desktop and taskbar etc. the others accept the log-in info, but don't load much else after that, it might get to the background but nothing more. running task manager shows that the tasks from the systray have been loaded but the taskbar of desktop items do not show. i can't even right-click the "desktop" (background). adding a new profile has the same problem.
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    What is the status of your Service Packs? SP4 is the latest and there have been loads of updates since from MS.
    Has any of those users had a serious crash? Did you install a program under 1 user, that may have put limitations on other users? Is you AntiVirus etc. up to date and installed for all users?
  3. win2k_casp

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    re: login help

    i have sp4 and the most recent update as of about 3wks ago. i haven't recently installed anything, or uninstalled anything. i ftp'ed some stuff from school, but no installation as such.
  4. Rick

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    I have had simliar problems and reinstalling, upgrading or uninstalling the service pack would usually fix it.
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