Logitech Driving Force GT calibration problems

Hello, as in the title, I have a problem with the Logitech Driving Force GT steering wheel. It makes 3 "wild" movements to the left and right, instead of completing the full range of rotation. In addition, the logo in the middle blinks instead of shining. Below I link a video of what is happening:

I would like to add that I tried to reinstall the Logitech Gaming Software, reinstalling all drivers, checking wheel on others computers, but it did not work as expected. . The steering wheel is detected in official Logitech program. All buttons and pedals are detected when pressing. Yesterday I opened the steering wheel and checked the encoder wheel, everything was fine and on good place. Even tried to connect steering wheel with pressed pedals all the way down, but without any effects. Could the power supply be the cause? If not what to do?