Looking for a Small-ish ATX case for Wife.

By Santora
Mar 11, 2008
  1. My wife's currently running a Dell P4 Laptop and needs to upgrade. She's a layout designer for print (Quark,InDesign, etc). So she doesn't need a killer righ, although I was going to put something very nice together for her. The thing is she doesn't want a huge case. Even a Mid tower is more than she wants.

    I've looked into the Shuttle boxes but they just don't have enough expandability IMHO. Not to mention, this will be a purchase that she'll have for the next 5 years. Core2Duo, 2GB Ram to start, Geforce 8800, etc.

    So I talked her into a case with a little room for cards, extra memory, etc. Now I just need some help with the box size. Anyone?

    Mark Santora
  2. Tmagic650

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