Looking for a Windows 7 driver for an Intel 852gm/85gm chipset

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Nov 29, 2009
  1. I have installed windows 7 on an old laptop. However, the video card (integrated doesn't seem to be supported.) I need a windows 7 driver for an intel 852gm/855gm chipset. Currently windows 7 installs a generic XP Display Driver Model (XPDM) video device which doesn't support some movies.
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    yeah, seen that one, but I cannot seem to certify the old drivers. 7 keeps reinstalling a generic driver.....
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    nice work guys
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    Finally had to give up and reinstall XP. 7 doesn't seem to support the 855 video chipset and there doesn't seem to be any plans for Intel to update this driver. I made numerous attempts and tried different methods to force windows 7 to accept imported drivers from XP and 7, but none seem to work and the generic driver keeps getting reinstalled. Too bad, because 7 seems like a good OS and it is faster on my aged laptop than XP.
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