Looking for best mobo for gaming... have done some research

By seanyo
Jan 23, 2008
  1. well it's been a while since i've built a gaming PC... a few months ago i decided i'd be going with ATi for certain... so i bought an m2r32mvp, 1kw psu, 2x1Gb ocz RAM... and i was slowly piecing it together until i found out Intel and AMD have quad core GPU's out now, which would be ideal for gaming processing. money is an issue... but it's not... basically I'm looking for a full speed dual ePCI Crossfire board that supports quad core processing and DDR3 RAM... does this exist yet?
    I know AMD quad core processors for the AM2+ are buggy and you have to disable the L3 cache for stable performance and new CPUs will be out in March, but will they be AM2+ or a new socket altogether?

    What should I buy?

    not interested in nVidia, although i am curious as to what's the hype of this SLI technology that they probably got when 3dfx was acquired so long ago

    build your dream machine and post it here as a suggestion

    Does anyone know what new motherboards are going to be released soon?
    I'm mainly interested in ASUS and Abit as far as motherboards go because they've been solid in the past, but whatever...

    thanks for the support

    (and does anyone have an answer as to why a 2Gb stick of DDR3 is slower in mhz than the lower ones?)
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