Looking to find a good MOBO to start with

By playswiss421 · 9 replies
Mar 18, 2008
  1. I am looking to build a gaming PC, but I don't know what MOBO to get. I would like to get one that will be easily upgraded as I get more funds for my machine. If anyone could help with suggestions on the MOBO and/or chipset that would be good to start with, I would be a happy guy. Price is a bit of a factor, so if there are mid-range ones that would work, I would love to hear about them. Thanks!
  2. riekmaharg2

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  3. kirock

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    I'd recommend a Core2Duo or quad Intel cpu, thus a mobo in the P35 series(ICH9R or the 780i (SLI) are good chipsets) Look for DDR2 with the highest FSB support for the price. (DDR3 RAM and mobos are just too expensive still)
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    The most important decision is what devices you plan on now or later,and if it has the slots for them.
    to accomadate them.EG: The latest PCIx16 Video cards,or will it be AGP video,
    or perhaps those troublesome Internal Video and Audio.
    There are many decisions to plan ahead for this.
    Sata isn't worth the trouble to install,but you decide.
    Check out whats called "Bare Bones System"No OS installed.
    **** Don't buy Windows inatalled **** Like Dell Systems.
    Buy and install the OS.
    I recommend,asus mbd's,ATI video cards and Creative SB cards,
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    Would the Asus P5E be a good choice? I realize that this build may take longer than i originally intended, because of cost. The first things I am looking to get are the MOBO and case. From there, I plan to move onto the HDD and GPU and so on and so forth. Thank you for the help everybody!
  6. kirock

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    Yes that's a darn good board.
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    That board costs more than my total setup lol

    Sorry, just wanted to make that irrellivant comment
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    My choices

    I have the P5K-VM.It's great.You'll need it for HD-LCD Wide screen monitors.
    with DVI-D connection.
    I teamed it with the ATI X1650 Series video card.
  9. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    The Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L is an excellent board that has all the features you'd need without a large price tag. Also has support for Wolfdale CPUs as a bonus.
  10. playswiss421

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    Thanks for all the tips guys, I'm really lookin forward to building this machine. The Asus board was suggested to me by a guy at Xi Comp. He told me that it would be a good board for what I want to do. I'm planning on getting another computer to use while I build my rig, and to scavenge for parts as I want to get one with a 500GB HDD. I hope to have a 4 drive Raid 10 setup when this is all said and done. If anyone has any suggestions about video cards that might be worthwhile, I would appreciate the input. Right now I am looking for a good DDR2 GPU. This rig will evetually be my extreme gaming powerhouse, I hope...
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