Looking to upgrade my video card

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May 12, 2008
  1. I recently got a newer PC and just looking for something that can run a game with these requirements at max


    Here's how my PC looks at the moment:



    Just need something that will run this particular game well with 0 frame skip. If I need a better power supply for a suggested card or something else please help me with that as well. Thanks!
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    The XFX 8600GT is available for as little as $50 on Newegg with a rebate, so you might consider that. You'd need a PSU with at least 18A on the +12V rails combined, so if you don't have one, look into it. I've seen the Antec Earthwatts EA430 for around $40 or so on Newegg with free shipping and is an excellent choice.
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    I'd pick the 256MB version of the 8600GTs linked to in the above post. The other one may have more RAM but it's useless, since all that RAM is slower as well, and the extra RAM only helps at resolutions above 1280x1024, which I doubt you're gonna run the card at.
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