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Hey guys,
I recently bought a new ACER Aspire V5 netbook/laptop, and so far it's been working great, but with only one issue. The clock keeps losing time, roughly every other time it is switched off it keeps losing time. The laptop is used to keep appointments and stuff like that so the clock is in needing of being fixed SAP really. ormally, it is by a few hours, or sometime is goes back by a day or two. Its really, wierd.

- AMD A6-1450 CPU @1GHz
- 3 Cell Li-ion battery
- 500 GB Hard Drive
- 10 finger touch screen
- Windows 8 Pro, upggraded from Windows 8.


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Do you think that is the only way? :s I've had to go through the process of setting it all up twice now (my desktop SSD broke so had to reinstall it all plus new laptop). Could it be Windows 8 itself because I've heard stories of issues with it and time, should I wait for 8.1 to arrive for my PC?


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In all honesty, I've never owned a "new" pc, but when I have bought a new item, I ALWAYS save ALL the packaging in case something goes wrong so I can return it & not void any warranty.
I think you should of done that first, you may of already voided the warranty.
The only other alternative would be to go into the Control Panel > Time & Day settings & see if it is set correctly. Good luck. :)
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In Time and Day settings you should also find an option to sync your time with an internet clock. See if that's checked and if that might help
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