Lost password for program, need help retrieving it. Suggestions?

By tie_mann101
Sep 6, 2007
  1. Hey all, I just got a PC running Win98 from a physician. No one knows the password for the program used to access all their records. The PC's not on the net. Also, I've tried Cain & Abel, but I can't seem to get Cain to do anything. I'm fresh out of ideas, any suggestions? If you need any info, I will provide what I can.
  2. raybay

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    Are you attempting to rescuie his data, or merely trying to access the machine.
    We would need to know the brand and model of computer, and whether you can tell whether the password is on the hard drive, on Windows 98, on the motherboard, or just on the files.
    If his data is passworded, and he doesn't need it because he has a backup, reformat the drive. If the drive has a password, you have not choice but to spend the $40 to $70 for new drive.
    If you do not know for sure, tell us what happens in the boot order... at which point do you get the request for a password?
    If the password appears to be on the motherboard, on Windows 98 machines, you can often remove the CMOS battery, which looks like a thick quarter in a laydown slot of the motherboard. On some boards, the battery must remain out of the board for four hours or overnight, for the password to fade away.
    On others, nothing can be done short of removing the EEPROM and soldering in a new one.
    Usually, the password is in the software... which you probably do not want... so you can boot to a Windows 98 Floppy/Boot/System disk. Then Type FDisk ,enter> and remove the partition which is usually choice 3 or 4 (I cannot remember without looking) Then reboot to the floppy and create a partition, then reboot to the floppy and format the partition.
    Once the partition has been removed and replaced, you can install the Windows 98 disc (be sure it is Windows 98 Second Edition... and be sure you have the product ID).
    These ideas usually work, but a physician may have purchased security software to protect his patient or accounting records... and those special security packages usually require a new hard drive.
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