Lost Ram Overnight Paging File & Commit Charge High

By Virtualmemory
Mar 30, 2010
  1. Last night I lost virtual memory out of the blue. I used to have at least 800,000K plus on Commit Charge in task manager now it says I have 246,000K and my Paging File Is Sky High Rocketing along with memory currently in use. Im only running 24 Basic Process. I dont play games on my PC. I have no clue how this happened. Now just about every program I try to run wont run and the commit charge is peaking right at the new max of 246,000k. I have went to sytem utilities and unchecked and disabled all items that load on start. I have 8 giga bytes of free disk space so I'm good there, but this is Beyond Me. I've tried multiple Free RAM (so called helpers) but they dont work & half the time wont even open because of the Low Virtual Memory. I Dont Have a virus i am protected by CA Antivirus. I dont Have any spyware, protected by SpywareCease. I have tried to restore my system but that didnt work. i have cleared cookies, cache files,temp files, ETC. I have Registry Editor Pro and it fixed some invalid file associations and some DLL's, ETC. Still my memory is lost and so am I. :-(

    I have an older computer but its all I got and I really cant afford to buy RAM. I just want to regain what ever Ram I lost. My computer is a desktop Intell Pentium Processor III version 2002 Service Pack 3 930 MHz with 256 MB of Ram. Thanks for reading this and I would apprecite any help what so ever. feel free to contact me direct lilloe44@gmail.com attention Virtualmemory
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    You have posted this in the wrong forum. Please re-post in the Windows OS forum on the TechSpot board.

    This forum is only for virus and malware removal.

    The one thing I will o\pass on to you is to uninstall this program and stop deleting random files:
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