Lots of BSOD's. Minidumps linked.

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Jan 16, 2008
  1. If I leave the computer sit for a bit (hour or so) the screen will go black
    It seems to randomly BSOD on the internet as well. The computer is clean as far as spyware/virus goes. I have updated the NIC drivers, updated flash and java, all windows updates, turned off screensaver, sleep mode, and hibernation.

    When I looked at the minidumps, it showed it crashing on an Avast file. So I uninstalled Avast and installed AVG. Then the crash showed it crashing on an AVG file.

    I'm thinking maybe CPU or Mobo. The mobo caps look fine.

    Please help!!

    Minidumped zipped: http://download.yousendit.com/BF3972172DA4B937

    I have also run memtest overnight and run DFT and Seagate's HD Test, all passed.

    Tried switching out CPU's. Got same error. Also got 0x7E.
  2. Route44

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    tweaks_sav, it would be much better if you could attach your minidumps via your next post by using the manage attachment below.

    Since I don't know the download center you have placed them in I avoid connecting to such sites and I am sure others do as well.
  3. tweaks_sav

    tweaks_sav TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 186

    Yall haven't heard of YouSendIt.com? Check it out! Good, free service.
    I did it because of the upload limit here.
    Thanks for the heads up. Re-attached a few dmp files.
  4. dgower2

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  5. Route44

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    Your minidumps show multiple causes which always brings me to this strong possibility: Corrupted Memory.

    4 of your errors are 0x8E which is predominately hardware incompatibility (though it sometimes can mean a driver issue or a need for a BIOS upgrade).

    1 of your error codes is 0x50 which often means memory issues such as your main, L2 Memory, or VRAM memory, software incompatibility such as anti-virus software, etc., or other hardware issues.

    My first best advice is for you to run MemTest to check your memory. It needs to run for a long time -- at least 7 passes -- unless you start nticing errors early on (like I did just two days ago on my own machine) and then you need to run Memtest on each individual stick to see which one or if all are bad.

    Replace your bad sticks.
  6. tweaks_sav

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    Yes. I have done that. Which is why I could tell which file it was crashing on. I know how to use WinDBG, just not the best on analyzing and pinpointing, esp with the memory addresses, which is why I posted here for help.

    Thanks Route44,

    I've run memtest for 3-4 passes I think. There are 4 memory slots with 2x 256MB. So I'll switch the memory to the other channel, then run memtest alot longer. We'll see.
    It's cheapo Nspire RAM, if memtest still passes, I'll replace with Kingston and see what happens.
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