Low virtual memory issue

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Dec 16, 2007
  1. Hi all! Ok I also have a low virtual memory message, but here is what i find weird:

    First my specs:
    -Intel Pentium 4, 3.2ghz
    -Asus P5GD1
    -2 gig (PC3200 DDR SDRAM)
    -Video: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS (256 MB)
    -Disk: Maxtor 6V200E0 (200 GB)
    -Windows XP
    - Let me know if you need something else......

    I just formatted the cpu and never had this problem before.

    It seems to happen when I run a game (BF2 PR, so not that demanding) and the only other thing that runs is teamspeak.

    My cpu starts to lag real bad in the game, and then when I go back on desktop, I have the yellow triangle with ! saying my virtual memory is too low. I tried setting it up manually, 256-3040, which was the amount recommended, but it doesnt seem to help since it happened again.

    Any suggestions?

    (Extra question: Is it possible that i have a memory bracket which is not pinned correctly and it would still tell me that I have 2 gig ram or would it reduce the amount that wouldnt be properly installed?? Just to know if I would have to open the cpu to check it out.....)

    Tx alot!
  2. virtual memory applies only to the hard drive. as you might have guessed by now, the page file is the virtual memory and increasing that would supposedly fix it.

    you need to make sure that the maximum and the minimum are set to the same size. 3040 for both. but there's a method that might ensure that the page file is reset and working. so lets try that first.

    the way to go about it is first you set it to "No paging file". then restart the computer. this will erase any page file you had. this is an important thing.

    then, when you log back in, set it back to having a custom page file, and resize it to...hell..4000 for minimum and maximum to be on the safe side.

    set it, then restart.

    what that does is, it erases the old one, and starts a new unfragmented page file right at the start of the hard drive.

    this will help ensure your page file resize will have worked. if you're still getting problems, then we'll have to look into why it's relying on using the page file so much instead of the RAM as well.

    after all, a page file works just like RAM. it's just a spot on the hard drive where it throws info and retrieves it again.

    just to be sure, if i were you, i would remove the RAM, and reseat it. then restart as well.

    also check through dxdiag or something to see if the computer is recognizing all the RAM. it will display as much as it sees. so you'll know for sure if your RAM is ok or not.
  3. Po`Girl

    Po`Girl TS Rookie Posts: 595

    Try setting it to "System managed",if it wasn`t already.

    Other than that,you either too many other programs/processes running,

    or one program has a bug/memory leak (Firefox is notorious for this).

    Disable any non essential processes in the Task Manager.

    Check for spyware.

    Disable non essential system services.See Black Viper`s services
  4. Golden7B

    Golden7B TS Rookie Topic Starter

    tx guys, ill try that and let you know if it works....and if in dxdiag it says it has 2048 MB , do you suggest reseting it still or not??

    (thats why I was wondering, cuz its supposed to use the virtual, when there isnt any RAM left?? but I have more than enough for what I do... ... Ill let you know if your tip worked... tx again!
  5. hm...perhaps you ought to run a Memtest...and perhaps taking them out, restarting, and then putting them back in again will help force it to recognize the extra RAM.

    but i'm not sure if there is a problem with the RAM. something tells me that Po' Girl is right and that your games are for some reason not using as much memory as they should, and are therefore dipping into the virtual memory. it's my sneaking suspicion as well. so i'd leave the RAM alone for now.

    i'm an avid gamer and i use 5 gigs spread over my 2 hard drives for my virtual memory. call of duty 2 is fairly demanding. but i've never had a virtual memory issue. and i'm only using 640mb of 333mhz RAM. which isn't an awful lot considering the standards of today.

    (i'll hopefully be buying a new PC within a week or two)

    hopefully setting a huge page file will fix it. i even gave it 800mb extra just in case. that should be more than plenty.
  6. Golden7B

    Golden7B TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok, I did a memtest, everything seems fine....

    Do you have a suggestion on the games end that I could check? Should I reinstall it? (Ill post also on the forum of the game)


    PS: If you like tactics and teamwork in gaming, I suggest you give Project Reality a try, since I dl it, I only play this game! www.realitymod.com
    (Its a BF2 mod, nothing like the original one!) ;)
  7. Po`Girl

    Po`Girl TS Rookie Posts: 595

    Reinstalling/updating the game is always a good idea,even when you don`t have issues.

    I suggest you post a screenshot of all the running processes in the Task Manager.

    We might be able to identify something that is using up your megabytes.
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