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Aug 7, 2008
  1. win xp sp2 tries to start but I get a message: which says lsass.exe the value of the current
    password is not correct. Then it reboots only to display the same message.

    when trying to repair it using the original disk it runs the normal system files installation but then will not bring up the screen after timing out in 15 seconds and rebooting it returns to the same message, and I do not touch it it does its automatic reboot after reinstalling the system files but returns to the same window saying if you wish to boot from the cd hit enter?

    no! i do not get a clock count down or timer either, it just returns to the hit enter to boot from a cd...

    any ideas which does not call for a cleaning and reinstall process? any help is appreciated as it has me over a barrel.....
  2. AlbertLionheart

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    you may have a dead hard drive - can you download some diagnostics from the drive makers site such as seagate, copy them to a bootable floppy and run the tests?
  3. tw0rld

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    Did you hit enter? If you did this will only lead you back to the first stage of the reinstallation. After restart when the message appears; do not touch anything let it sit for a while, then see if it boots from HDD
  4. tw0rld

    tw0rld TS Maniac Posts: 572   +6

  5. GW-Charles

    GW-Charles TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No touche! it just returns to the screen saying hit enter and sits there......and sits there with no drive activity............
  6. AlbertLionheart

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    Are you in a position to take the drive out and connect it to another machine?
    If so, haul your files off it and reformat followed by a fresh windows install.
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