Lytro's shoot now, focus later camera coming to major retailers

Shawn Knight

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The world's first light field camera will soon be available for purchase at several major online retailers in the US. Lytro will be launching their shoot now, focus later camera through, and starting October 9 and locally...

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Great toy, but from what I've read the output images aren't of a particularly high resolution. Still need a DSLR or equivalent for higher resolution photography. Wouldn't mind one of these to play about with, for casual snaps it would certainly be a good solution.


I guess I'm old school, but I like to compose my shots rather than post-process every single shot I take. This does sound fun to play with and is a cool concept though. $400 is a chunk I'd rather spend on something else.
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For us Spyders, taking photos without hesitation is essential to our work. Quick "scans" of secret documents are effortless with our standard issue Lycros cameras. Also useful for taking quick snaps with extreme discretion, such as from my waist level.