Magnetic storage sees record-breaking sales as ransomware attacks increase


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Thank you to the actual professionals with experience with this format chiming in to dispel the ignorant bloviating about cassette tapes from the peanut gallery. I find all this quite interesting.

It's fast enough to do nightly backups

I think you underestimate the scope of the type of platform on offer. For example 16 drive arrays can read/write 14GB per second, and if you multiplex several arrays together you begin to understand the potential.

So yes, this is a viable and efficient backup data storage medium for common users and businesses of all size.
Hmmm, I've been pondering what to add to my last 5.75 bay...


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They should also always install latest security patches by simply enable automatic updates.
Group policy in windows allows above thing while blocking feature updates


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I'm not doing tape backups again. That's insane. Who would bother to go back to the old ways? Yes, it's more secure, but who has time to wait for those things to finish?
It's not manual process.

The tape library and backup software automate the process.
These 2 things aren't cheap