Major Failure after new PSU install

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Mar 15, 2008
  1. Anticipating a new video card purchase I bought and installed a new psu. It's an ABS Tagan bz series 800W. When I turned on the system all fans and drives rev up, the hdd light turns on for a few seconds then stops, the fans stay on max rpm and nothing happens. So thinking my new psu is faulty I reinstall my old, perfectly working psu, same problem. I have a gateway 503gr, p4 3ghz, with added 2gig gskill mem, ati800xl, and soundblaster audigy2. Please help, thanks.
  2. Matthew

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    Major overkill with that PSU lol.

    Take was the new video card installed at the same time (was it working properly at any point)? Take that out and see if things run normally.
  3. SolarSmoker

    SolarSmoker TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I know its overkill, but i plan on building a new pc at some point, and wanted expandability for crossfire/sli. No new video card yet, the ONLY thing i changed was the psu.
  4. Matthew

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    Odd, not sure what you can do short of stripping your PC down. Take out any cards in the expansion slots, take out all the RAM except one module, remove everything else that you can and leave your CPU and motherboard in the loop. So you should have your PSU, CPU, RAM and motherboard. I'm sure people are sick of seeing me suggest it :p especially in pretty irrelevant situations, but you can try clearing the CMOS. I've had that cure some seriously funky issues in the past.

    Are you absolutely 100% certain that everything is attached correctly?

    If you're getting the results with both of them, the only thing that I can think of is that your new PSU is defective and it took something down with it upon booting for the first time, but that would be both extreme and unfortunate so :) lets hope for the best.
  5. SolarSmoker

    SolarSmoker TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thats what I'm afraid of. I already took off my 2nd hdd, and dvd/cd burners. Guess ram is next, then a .357.
  6. Matthew

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    Yeah, that'd be pretty unfortunate. I seriously can't think of anything else that it might be though if the only thing you did was swap PSU's, the system didn't boot, then swapped back and are still experiencing the same exact thing.
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