Major infection cannot start 8 steps or run HJT or mbam

By slamj95
Jan 22, 2009
  1. My computer is infected with something... The first symptom was fake alerts. I ran AVG and adaware. Both programs found issues and quarantined them. However, the computer then started redirecting google searches. I researched and learned that MBAM was a good program for removing viruses, etc that other programs won't get, so I downloaded it on my laptop, ran it and found several infections, and then downloaded it on the infected computer. BUT during installation, it never got past the "finishing installation" screen. At that point the computer began freezing. Even after a reboot, it would randomly freeze. When I was able to run AVG the first time, some of the notable virus names I remember were mundo, generic downloader (with a number), fake alert, google, etc. I would give you the log of the scan, but I cannot open or run Adaware, AVG, MBAM, HJT at all. I have tried to reinstall, uninstall, and install with a different name/folder with no luck on being able to run them. I ran the CCleaner and cleaned it off, but that did not help. I tried to install/run the combifix, but it will not allow it to be opened/ran. I was able to run the Windows online scan, but I could not save the log. Also, I have tried all of the above in safe mode, both with and without networking as well. There are no more fake alerts, but the redirector is still present as well as the freezing and inability to run antiviral. Also, please comment on the effectiveness of the Windows firewall as opposed to other firewalls you all have mentioned and suggested in other posts and please suggest a free(?) resident monitor for me.
  2. slamj95

    slamj95 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    wanted to add that I tried to run combofix because a thread suggested it to another person having similar problems not being able to run mbam.
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    Windows firewall is registry based i heard so it can be disabled easily, i don't think it is good.
    A software firewall offers more protection then windows firewall and some have a protection from being terminated
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