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Jun 7, 2010
  1. Does anyone have the paid version of MalwareBytes and if so, how is the updating? The reason I ask is apparently I've been spoiled with the virus programs, etc. automatically updating. I had been using the free version of SuperAntiSpyware and got tired of having to update it manually. I checked the settings, etc. and saw that with the paid version it would update at startup and every 8 hours. It had such good reviews so I trusted it and made the mistake of purchasing it. But, AFTER I had purchased it, I found out that if you're not online when it tries to update, you're out of luck. If you get an update, you have to do it manually. I had assumed it would try again if I wasn't online when it tried but I was wrong. How does the purchased version of MalwareBytes update work? Do I have to be online at the right time with it or if I'm not, will it try again later? I was no better off with the paid version of SuperAntiSpyware and I don't want to make that mistake again. Thanks for your time.
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    I have run the paid version of Superantispyware for four years + and never once did I have to update manually nor has it ever failed to update; only with the free verion. The $ version is an excellent product and the options to configure the way you want to are many including if you want to update at start up.

    How are your preferences set up? SAS has very active and helpful forum and I suggest you ask there and they'll get back to you quickly or directly contact their tech support.

    As a company they are constantly improving their product throughout the year.

    And I also run the free Malwarebytes, but like the free SAS, I have to update it manually. It too is an excellent product and I scan with it once to twice a month.

    * As for being on at the right time, no, I have never seen this to be the case. As long as my modem was on SAS, my antivirus, etc. can update. I don't even have to be online.
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    I have tried to get help at the SuperAntiSpyware forum on their web site but no one could help me. They recommended I get help through the tech support which I tried but they couldn't help either. From what I understand, your computer has to be connected online during startup or when it checks after the 8 hours or it won't work. They never came up with a solution but they did say they were working on improving the way it updates. But, that didn't help me now.
    As for the MalwareBytes scheduler, I had found this but before I purshased it, I was hoping there was someone out there that is using it and could tell me if it really works. I don't want to purchase another one and then find out it doesn't do what they claim it will do. Thanks for your time.
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    I'm using both free versions of Malwarebytes & Superantispyware and not having problems with those, manually updating is a small price to pay for a free version. Anyway I'm using a portable version of Superantispyware (freeware) so I just make it a point to update that app, located on my USB drive so I can carry it anywhere I go especially when doing home-service repair of a PC with no internet connection.
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    I apologize if I gave the impression I was complaining because I had to manually update free versions of anything. If I use a free version, I expect to do it myself and just as you said, "manually updating is a small price to pay for a free version". My complaint is when you purchase one and STILL have to update manually. I was just hoping someone could tell me if the purchased version of Malwarebytes DOES automatically update as it advertises. There were other SAS Pro users having this problem or I would have thought it was on my end. But since others were having the same issue and their tech support couldn't help me, that is why I was complaining. Again, I apologize if I didn't make myself clear.
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    I use the paid version of MBAM and configured it to update automatically a couple of days ago for your sake. So far, it doesn't seem to be doing it, so your fears may be justified.

    Of course, I may not have done the configuration properly, but even so, it's still a weakness, as I am not an absolute beginner and it shouldn't take a PhD in programming to configure a popular tool.
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    Thank you Bobcat. I really do appreciate it. I may be alone in feeling this way but if I pay for a program and they advertise to automatically update, I expect it to do so. If I have to do it manually, I may as well use the free version. Thanks again!
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    Nice of you to come back Kathy, if anything changes I'll inform you.

    By the way, you are not alone, I feel the same about paying for something and not getting what was promised.

    I might add though, that the paid version does offer on-guard or real-time monitoring, which is useful not only for preventing some malware at source, but mainly because it uses a very extensive list of blacklisted sites which engage in various malpractices, and when you try to visit one of them it blocks you, with a pop-up bubble informing you of the fact. I was surprised to discover that some of the places I visited fairly regularly were not entirely above board.
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    Thanks again Bob. Your last comment convinced me to purchase it. I like the way that sounds. We all need guidance on which web sites to visit or at least I know I do. Thanks again for your time.
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