Massive BSOD attack

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Aug 26, 2006
  1. Hello all,

    So I recently purchased a new system entirely. Here are the stats:

    Thermaltake 600W PSU
    Asus M32N SLI Deluxe Mobo
    AMD 64 x2 4600+ AM2 Processor
    2 GB OCZ ram (667mhz) Gold Package
    320 GB WD Satat II HD
    ATI x1900XT
    SB Audigy Live Value (Old piece of crap)
    LG 204WT Monitor

    Ran fine for awhile, then came the BSOD. I have been logging the Crashes and AegisP.sys came up alot so I researched it and deleted it, as it was malware. But they still keep coming. The most common thing is STOP: 0X000000F4 (0x00000003, 0X8843f680, 0X8843F7F4, 0x805d1140)

    I have run memtest for 7 hours straight with no errors. I have no heat issues. I have adequate power supply. I am really frustrated. The only thing that reliably crashes the compy is torrents, when I load bit torrent, it will run for awhile then invariably dump.



    P.S. ---> If someone will tell me how to link my dumps, I will HAPPILY supply them.
  2. Vigilante

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  3. Chef4life

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    Followed the posts directions

    Hello Vigilante,

    Thanks for replying, I am really lost over here. I have never had such problems with a computer!

    In any case I have followed all direction on the sticky post, so I will keep you posted on my crash status.

    Thanks again,

  4. Chef4life

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    Once Again....

    As I have posted in my other thread, I have done all of the things on the BSOD faq. So I thought I had it fixed, not a chance. The problem is now, that when I BSOD it is not logging the crashes anymore. All I have is my old ones for the love of god! I seriously think this must have something to do with faulty RAM, as I cannot find any other conceivable reason for this silliness!

    Can anyoen help me with getting the logger to resume loggin crashes?

  5. Vigilante

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    To check how XP is handling crashes, do this:
    Right-click My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Startup and Recovery Settings.

    On this screen, in the "System failure" heading, put a check in "Write an event..." and "Send an administrative alert". UNcheck Automatically restart. Then in the dropdown box, it should be "Small memory dump (64KB)". And then the directory is usually "%SystemRoot%\Minidump".

    If all that is ok, and you are still crashing with no minidump or system log entry, then it is probably NOT a BSOD in the first place. Only a BSOD causes a minidump to be written (I think). If you crash in other ways, you may not get a minidump or log entries. If that's the case, you likely have hardware problems and not software.

    To test your RAM, go to and download that boot disk or ISO image. Boot from it and let it test your RAM for an hour or two, or at least 3 complete passes.

    Next, as far as system logs are concerned. Do this:
    Right-click My Computer -> Manage.
    Towards the top you'll see Event Viewer. Under that you'll have at least an Application log, Security log, and System log. Look through those for any errors (marked with red X), around the times when you crashed.
    Otherwise, in the left column, right click each one and "clear all events". This will give you a clean log.
    Then, next time you crash, check those logs. And if you get a minidump, it will surely precede a BSOD.

    Otherwise, tell us exactly what you were doing and in what way it crashed.

    Good luck!
  6. the_gas

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    sorry to bump an old thread, but i am having exactly the same problem as this guy is/was having. Same error, same error code. Here is my recent thread in my longquest to solve this error
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