Master JavaScript with 40+ hours of training for over 90% off

By TS Dealmaster
May 29, 2015
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  1. JavaScript isn't as indecipherable as you might think. In fact, the backbone programming language of the internet is just like any other language. Right now, you can save over $400 on 40+ hours of comprehensive instruction that will have you fluent in understanding and writing JavaScript.

    This bundle includes seven individual courses, over 200 step-by-step lectures and more than 40 hours of instruction, all tailored to demystifying JavaScript for the coding novice.

    The all-inclusive package gives you everything you'll need to read and write clear high-quality JS code. You'll learn all about web essentials like HTML and HTML5, CSS and CSS3, Ajax, jQuery, PHP and MySQL. You'll master the tools for creating high-end interactive websites, mobile apps and games - all on your own.

    That's a $474 value, available at the TechSpot Store for under $40. Start learning JavaScript today.

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  2. Should I get this unless I have the Pay What You Want: Front-End Developer Bundle from march?

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