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May 15, 2006
  1. Hey guys I bought a Dell Latitude notebook 2nd hand a few days ago, after getting it home I realized I need the bios password to start the comp. dose any one know the master password for a Dell Latitude with service tag # FKWCB11-595B

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    The simplest solution...

    I think the simplest solution is just to remove the bios battery on the MoBo and clear the memory thus wiping out the existing password.

    Unless of course you are woried about voiding the warrantee. If that's the case, have Dell do it. :(
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    I noticed your handle ($C300) is an error that appeared on old atari 8bit computers.....

    I'm trying to get a vintage forum going here.... but that's in another thread....
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    Ironicly, I too ("Mugsy") am an old Atari 8bit user. Started with the 400 and my 256K upgraded 800xl is stillunder my bed with all my old software.

    I was famous for my "Break Movies". Maybe you've seen them?

    But I'm sure $c300 wouldn't appreciate his thread being hijacked like this.

    (One last note: the hex value "$c300" is 49,920... "48K"... the top of the 8bit's addressable ram (with the last 16K devoted to addressing the ROM). :)
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    problema password dell latitude d600, chip 20c04

    hola tenia un problema con el master password. se me perdio y como fue comprada en ebay dell no me dio soporte.
    la solucion: buscar el chip 20c04, soldar dos cables uno al pin 3 y el otro al pin 6. se cuenta desde un punto que tiene el chip ese es el numero uno y asi sucesivamente. despues de soldados se sacan por un lado del computador, para poder armarlo otra vez. cuando se prende el computador se unen los cables dos segundos para hacer el corto y cuando en la pantalla aparece el mensaje de f2 setup y f12 configuracion, se presiona f12 y listo.

    nota: primero se prende en computador y luego se unen los cables, de lo contrario no prende el computador
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    Just a guess, but i think you need to speak english here. I do know of a site that speaks Spanish. I believe its call softtronic. You can use google to find it.
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    techspot - habla anglais por favor
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    Unless, of course, someone here knows the answer and can convey it in Spanish. Not me, me no habla espanol.
    I've been to Spain, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, and many other Spanish speaking countries but you forget what you learn when you get back home, lol.
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    trying to help C&P for another site

    This is for Dell CP and CPI Latitudes, it has not been tried on other models. Another way to crack it is to create a short in the 24c02 chip (the markings on the top of the chip) between pins 3 and 6 when you power on!
    Before you try that though, remove the hard-drive and see if you get the same error.
    If NOT, then it is a Hard-drive password and not a system password. This fix is for a system BIOS password only. A new Hard-drive should fix it if it boots w/o the hard-drive or is cleared of a system BIOS password.
    The chip sometimes is below the processor so you have to solder two very small wires and bring them outside the laptop then reinstall the processor. Short the two wires and power on! Pin 1 is the one with the dot in the corner. Next pin on the same side is 2 then 3,4, and 5,6,7,8 going around the corner with pin 8 being across from pin1. The power on password will be disabled and you will be able to access the system settings via the F2 during bootup as if it was never there.
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