Medal of Honor SP Graphics & CPU Performance

By Julio Franco ยท 26 replies
Oct 15, 2010
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  1. LNCPapa

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    It can probably re-use the costly assets.
  2. silvershad0w

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    I've yet to play this game but am looking forward to it. I was very surprised to see MOH doing so well with utilizing a quad core CPU. I really need to update my system... I'm still on a e5200 @ 3ghz. It's getting about time to move towards i3 or i5.. maybe my first AMD system? Who knows.. Anyways, back to the game. This game seems to run great even on older architecture and I think the choice of using UE3 in single player and Frostbite in multiplayer was a great choice. The frostbite engine probably lacks a bit of aesthetic that the unreal engine provides but there's no doubt that it makes up for this with it's ability to provide amazing physics. If the explosions and destruction are anything similar to Battlefield Bad Company 2 and the multiplayer is as fun as it looks from the videos then I'm in for a treat once I load this game up. Great article!

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