Memory Halved

By Cobbo
Jan 31, 2005
  1. Memory problem

    I have a gigabyte 71xe4 motherboard. i have recently purchased 128 meg ram 133 Pc doesnt boot with this memory. Also in the PC i have a 256Meg 133 and on boot up it shows 130 megs. Please help
  2. Cobbo

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    Memory Halved


    I am experiencing problems with memory on my kids PC. the system i am running is

    40gig HD
    eforce 5200 64meg Graphics card
    Gigabyte 71XE4 MOBO
    CD writer
    250 Meg 1330 Hz Ram
    128 Meg 100 Hz

    The problem is that on boot up the screen shows half the memory i have tried different methods ie installing one mem at once i event got 2 x 128 Meg DDR 133 But with the new memory it doesnt boot up at all
    Please help
  3. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Sounds like the 256MB module isn't compatible with the board. I checked Gigabyte's site and it says the board should support up to 256MB modules, but maybe with only some particular brands.

    Have you tried editing memory speed settings in BIOS?

    The manual (downloadable from here) shows how to do it, pages 34-36.

    Try setting them to slowest possible. If it doesn't help, change the memory module to a different one.
  4. brigger

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    Memory halved - mine is dual channel

    Is it the same problem if the memory is dual channel?

    I've got 512MB in slot 1 & 512MB in slot 2, and in WindowsXP Help & Support / My Computer Information it says RAM: 512MB.

    The manufacturers advised me to increase the RAM latency (as the PC was unstable) from 2 2 2 5 to 2.5 3 3 5 which I did. If I did that wrong, would that explain it losing half the RAM?

    I don't know much technical stuff as I've had a very reliable notebook by Toshiba for about 5 years (300Mz 32MB RAM 3Gig HD).

    My new PC:

    Shuttle Barebones SB81P XPC
    Intel Pentium IV 3.4GHz 800FSB 1MB Cache S775
    Slot1: 512 Mb Corsair Extra Low Latency Dual Channel Ram
    Slot2: 512 Mb Corsair Extra Low Latency Dual Channel Ram
    2 x Raptor 74GB 10K rpm Low Latency SATA hard drive
    Graphics: Radeon X800 PRO 256MB GDDR3 PCI-E VIVO/VGA/DVI/TV
    PCI expansion slot: Hauppage 909 WinTV Nova-T Freeview TV/Radio Tuner.
    And a TFT monitor, DVD +/-RW CD RW, cheap speakers & keyboard & mouse, I can give more details if anyone thinks it's relevant.
    OS: Microsoft WindowsXP Home Edition

    Sounds good but I only use it for Rome Total War due to bad sectors on C: c0000005 errors (there might be more zeros in that). That's before changing the latency, but tonight it only started in safe mode until after a Restore which failed. I'm not expecting an answer to all these problems but info on the RAM question at the top would help.

    Also on Google I found someone with a similar problem (but not dual channel) who was advised to reload the OS, and did, but it didn't help. (search: half RAM windows)

    Thanks for any help

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