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Jul 19, 2007
  1. have a question have an hp 8034n pc with 2gb pc4200 memory i would like to add another 2 gb my question is om my motherboard there are 2 blue slots which the 2 sticks are in now and 2 empty black slots if i buy a matched pair of 1gb sticks do i put both of those in the remaining black slots .sounds dumb but hp said i would put 1oem stick and one of the new sticks which is going to be ultra i think in the blue slots and 1 oem and 1 new stick in the other slots .in otherwards they want me to alternate 1-3 -2- 4 with the memory said because to enable the dual please.
  2. wiscountryboy

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    whip out your manual for your machine, then once youve determined which 2 slots are for each ram channel you can put the ultra sticks in 1 channel and the other hp sticks in the other channel

    i would advise not to mix the two simply for compatibilitys sake
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    in my 8034 n they have both sticks of memory on channel 1 i took one out and moved it to slot 3 now its 1and 3 but how do i enable dual channel mode? and when i get 2 more gb i will put hp memory in slot 1 and 3 and ultra memory in slot 2and 4?
  4. wiscountryboy

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    again enabeling dual channel can be found in your owners manual...but i know that its in your bios
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    Most manufacturers now have a hardware manual for their MoBos in pdf format on their web sites. That manual should answer your questions.

    It is in the BIOS you select the memory access mode. Also, I don't think it matters which sticks of memory go in which slots but I'm not certain. Memory is memory so long as they are of the matching type.
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    Black & Blue, My Memory is Bruised.......

    Industry practice is that each memory channel has 2 different color sockets. Intel uses blue for 0, the one that must be populated first, then black is the other socket (#1) for the SAME channel. If I had 2 sticks of RAM I would install one in each blue channel FIRST. Then I would expand the memory by installing the second 2 DIMMs in the black sockets.
    One caveat: read the damned instructions anyway, and look forward to only having the system recognize about 3 GIGs of the installed RAM (unless the board BIOS is 64 bit enabled). This has been covered many times on this site, so do yourself a favor and poke around until you find these relevant threads.
    Here is Tedsters guide to adding RAM, always a good read:
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