Mic problems on my PC

So any mic I plug on my PC sounds REALLY low (and that even includes an iPhone app that used my phone as a mic). I went through all sound setings on Windows and it all seems normal. I even contacted Microsoft and they couldn't find anything wrong in the software side. Therefore, I believe it's a harware issue. So here's my question:
-Do I buy a dedicated soundcard, or a DAC/amp? And if so, should it be USB or 3.5mm?
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Hi! So, what do you mean by really low. Do you mean really low pitched, or really quiet.
Hey. Not sure what you mean by that question. Let me give you an example: I recorded my voice on the voice app, and I couldn't hear almost anything. I could only hear something with the volume turned way up.


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Ok, I may have a fix. Type into the search bar "sounds", and "change system sounds" will pop up. Go into the "recording" tab. It should look like the picture. (Your mics will have different names then mine.) Then, select the mic you're having problems with, (it should be the default device mic.) Then, click "properties." Then, click levels. If the levels are really low, turn them up, but if they are high, then it is probably a hardware problem.