Microphone Difficulties

By pulchritudinous
May 20, 2009
  1. Hello, when I'm speaking to my girlfriend over the microphone through a program called "Ventrilo", I can hear the sound coming out of her headphones louder than her voice. I don't experience this problem with anyone else, and we've already identified that her mic needs an adjustment.

    Her microphone is attached to a headset called Razer Piranhaâ„¢, designed for gaming. She says that she can hear her words being repeated over and over again every time she speaks into the mic. What everyone else hears is our voices being projected louder than hers, even though we're in her headset. Through logical reasons, I don't think it's a volume problem. We're much too loud and too clear to be an "echo".

    Please help and try to add as much information as you can. Both her and I are not very good technicians. Baby steps. :)
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