Teleconferencing - microphone picking up voices from speakers, causing echo to others

I recently bought a webcam with a built-in microphone because I am tired of wearing a headset all day for teleconferences. I am getting reports that when other people are talking they hear an echo, which is distracting/confusing to them. This is from my PC speakers outputting their voices and my microphone is picking it up with a slight delay so it sounds like an echo to others.

To solve the problem I need to stay muted, and only un-mute when I need to speak, and then re-mute. This is annoying to do because it impedes the ability to multi-task. When I log on with my company laptop and teleconference through Skype, the issue does not happen. But this laptop is super slow so I prefer to login using my personal PC via citrix.

I've spent hours looking for solutions and messing with the windows audio settings but I had no luck. I reinstalled all chipset drivers and audio drivers.

Using a Asus ROG Maximus X Hero motherboard, Windows 10 64bit. RealTek audio drivers.
I think the problem is the fact that the webcam uses USB. This does not provide the ability for my audio drivers to have microphone enhancements, primarily acoustic echo cancellation.