Microphone feedback from one computer to another

By MysterioMask
Mar 4, 2014
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  1. I have 2 computers I am trying to do voice communications with. One comp is a windows 8 the other is running windows 7.

    I can hear the audio fine coming from the windows 7 comp. But when I try and communicate to the other computer through the windows 8 computer. The other computer hears an echo of any audio coming through to mine. For example if im playing music the other person will hear the music being played, or their own voice when they talk to me echo back to them.

    Now we have attempted a bunch of different settings and different voice chat programs such as steam and yahoo messenger. It happens on all voice programs.

    The weird thing is, it only seems to happen when I plug the headset with mic into the front audio jack. when I plug it into the rear jack the echo goes away. I would like to be able to get this figured out and fixed so I don't have to constantly disconnect and reconnect stuff into the back when I want to change stuff. Where as if I had it in the front I could just pull the cable out easy if I wanted to use the normal speakers.

    If you need more info I can try and supply as much as possible to figure this out.

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