microphone wont work

By zinkerbell
Aug 14, 2005
  1. I am having problems getting my microphone to work. It's a Logitech Chat headset. I worked fine for the lonest time. Then I had problems and totally reinstalled windows and such. And now it wont work. So I went and exchanged it and have a brand new headset and the headphones work great but cant figure out why the mic wont work. I have messed with all the audio settings and nothing will work with that method. And my audio card driver is up to date to my knowledge b/c I just updated 2 or so weeks ago when I redid windows. So please help me if you know what I can download to make it work.
  2. Raquel101

    Raquel101 TS Rookie

    omg me too! I just get back from the store with a new one and it stil doesn't work! It records sounds from my computer but not my mic! Mine isn't usbbut I found this from another website and idk if it will help you but it didn't hel me because I couldn't find file "ATIrem.exe" on my comp. probly cuz I have windows 2000 but w/e here was the post:

    I FIXED IT!! The fix (if you haven't bought a new sound card) is to go to
    C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\SoundMAX\ and run ATIrem.exe. This will remove all the soundmax files. Then put in the ASUS cd and run the "Add New Hardware Wizard". It'll find the sound controller and then you just have to reinstall it. Once it's reinstalled go to ctrl panel > sound devices > voice > volume and make sure mic is checked with the volume up. Then click properties, playback, and okay. Click file then adv

    oppes I lost half the post... oh well :(
  3. Raquel101

    Raquel101 TS Rookie

    YES it works now I figured it out!

    OK go to control panel and click on soundmax then click on micraphone and click mic or headset then click on test or w/e and talk and then apply then ok and mine works now YAY!
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