Microphone's Clicking when I record audio. Need help troubleshooting.

  1. I've tried multiple applications to record.
    I've tried mulitiple microphones.
  2. Multiple cords.
    I think it's a software issue.
    - So I checked if it was my CPU. Overheating might cause stuttering in the audio recordings according to some people I talked to. The CPU is running at 40 Degree C (104 F)
    -Then I started checking out drivers. I uninstalled all the audio drivers and then troubleshooted the computer after restarting. I have all those drivers back now. The problem persists.
  3. My computer is clean inside. There is nothing rattling in either of the mics. (both microphones are blu yetis) One of microphone I just bought after I heard the first one clicking.

  4. Thanks ahead of time.