Realtek loud noise

By niko789
Nov 25, 2016
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  1. Hello,

    I have Realtek Microphone in Recording settings of sound and Realtek Digital Output in Playback.

    I did not make any updates for my Windows 10 64-bit for last few weeks or changes in settings, and this problem stats when I start my computer today.

    I tried to use Skype, but it turned out that my microphone stopped working, my voice is not heard. Then I tried to record voice with sound forge and same here, it should be noted that I do not get just an empty track with zero sound, record just does not happen. It is different things. But most horrible thing I got now is a very loud noise which almost hurts your ears. Noise occurs if I'm trying record something, answer to the skype, and also I got some low clicking sound of very loud short sound each time I'm trying to on video or audio, or switch it with timeline.

    I've updated all drivers in Device Manager:

    Microphone (Realtek High Definition Audio)
    Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Definition Audio)
    Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)
    Stereo Mix (Realtek High Definition Audio)

    and it says the best driver software for your device is already installed.

    So I have no idea what to do. Can't get if it is system problem or something wrong with hardware.

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