MicroSDHC card problem

Sep 28, 2012
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  1. My microsdhc 8gb kingmax card started malfunctioning suddenly,and I couldn't copy music to it anymore,either access files from it,because it makes my computer freeze when I try to access anything on it.From research I found out this was because my card became corrupted,because I may have removed it from the pc by mistake while it was still being accessed,and that I can get rid of the corrupt files by formatting it.Because I don't have any valuable files on it that I want back I tried formatting it.I use windows 7 x64,and I have a microsd usb card reader,and when I put it into the usb port,the windows recognizes it as Removable Drive G:,and the file size is correct 7.40GB.But when I right click and choose format,in Fat32 because that is the default,and after waiting while it doesn't do nothing it says : "Windows was unable to complete the format."(in fact I can select any setting and it still says that message).Even the format from the computer management,storage,right click on G: and format failed saying : "Access is denied.";then I tried various programs to format it and all failed,while 2 of them saying : "Disk is write protected",if that is the problem,then how do I disable write protection?(And please don't come with the stupid answer I see everywhere:there should be a switch on the side of the card....;because mine doesn't have a switch kingmax-micro-sdhc-8gb-class10-cr. ).thank you in advance.
  2. alexe3831

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    Check on the outside of the MicroSD itself and check if there is a small, almost invisible write-protection switch, that may be it.


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