Microsoft acknowledges Windows 10 bug that causes internet connectivity problems


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Nobody refuses to do it, however, on smartphones code boxes result in scroll bars, whereas just writing it as normal text automatically wraps it.
As I previously mentioned, monospaced code in a code box is dealt with differently by translators, which is why code boxes need to be used for monospaced code, not to mention many non-monospaced fonts create confusion between certain characters that look similar:
  • 1 or l
    1 or l
  • 1 or I
    1 or I
  • l or I
    l or I
  • O or 0
    O or 0
  • q or g
    q or g

All TechSpot's writers are doing is making it more convenient for themselves and less so for a user who actually needs the information in the writeup... this wasn't an article about a smartphone, it was about a desktop OS, so what you're inferring is illogical [a PC user with an issue will be searching for the solution on their smartphone versus the PC's browser]; even if this was the case, the user is not going to manually type out the path on their PC while reading it on their smartphone... if they were, that further solidifies my point.

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right the first time around...
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