Microsoft Bing gains another market share point

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Aug 3, 2009
  1. Bing’s share of the U.S. search market grew another percentage point in July, bringing its total to 9.41 percent according to data from StatCounter. At the same time Google’s share slipped to 77.54 percent, down by nearly a point, while Yahoo saw a slight decline from 11.04 to 10.95. Taking into account the ten-year deal between Microsoft and Yahoo, however, the two come out with 20.36 percent.

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  2. Google (big brother) wants to control the world with their "cloud" concepts. I for one like my software local and in my control. Google is much to big and thinks they can tell us what we want. Don't be fooled people. While they do have the best search (right now) I hope that changes. Bing is ok, one thing i do like is the right side rollover content popup, very nice. Google looks very dated.


    google dosnt have everything and i have found way more infomation on a smaller search site. Good things about google? well not much just the millions of pages for anything you type in. WOW IT HAS A DIFFERENT PICTURE EACH DAY WHO CARES?
  4. red1776

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    I really like Yahoos predictive search engine, i cant see what is innovative about Bing...anybody know?
  5. I have used Open DNS as my DNS server for sometime, however since I started using Bing I have found that Open DNS blocks Bing so have had to switch to my ISP DNS server. Do not understand the blockage.
  6. Vrmithrax

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    More conspiracy theory drivel... Cloud computing concepts have been around before Google, it's just that Google has embraced the concept to match an ever-more-mobile consumer base. You can keep you software local, keep your data local if you want to, but for those who may need to access their stuff from anywhere, anytime, things like cloud computing can be handy. Barring security concerns, cloud computing can be much more efficient and allow lighter leaner platforms to do the same things that bigger computers can. It's not for everyone (and not for me either), but it's not evil, get over it.

    And it may look dated, but it's still got over 3/4 of the market share... Maybe people like familiarity and stability, over new gadgets and learning curves?
  7. Wendig0

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    Just as Vrmithrax stated, this is just conspiracy theory BS. This is just one more example of why "Guests" SHOULD NOT be allowed to post. Man up and create an account if you have something to say, and cool it with the anonymous crap.
  8. frienley

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    New things always develop hard at the beginning. Competition promotes the development of the market.
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