Bing’s share of the U.S. search market grew another percentage point in July, bringing its total to 9.41 percent according to data from StatCounter. At the same time Google’s share slipped to 77.54 percent, down by nearly a point, while Yahoo saw a slight decline from 11.04 to 10.95. Taking into account the ten-year deal between Microsoft and Yahoo, however, the two come out with 20.36 percent.

Sure, Google remains the king of search with more than three-quarters of the market but Bing’s growth since its makeover is certainly nothing to sneeze at. In just two months, the site has grown roughly as much percentage points and in partnering with Yahoo the two have a better chance of slowly chipping away Google’s search and online advertising numbers.

Under the agreement, Microsoft’s Bing search engine would now be the exclusive search provider for Yahoo’s sites, while in exchange the latter will sell both its own and Microsoft’s search ads using the AdCenter platform. Whether or not they can make any significant dent in Google's dominance remains to be seen, but at least the trend seems positive so far.