Microsoft is planning the next major version of Windows for 2024


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Did they do anything to update W11 to use 10bit color throughout Windows? Maybe an actually color management section? lol Maybe Winodws is 8bit for life.


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Sun did this too...
They were like Yeah, screw versions numbers, Solaris 10 forever. That lasted around 5 years. Eventually they realized it was way the hell too confusing to be like "Oh, you put a Solaris 10 CD in this Solaris 10-supporting Sun and it didn't work? Yeah, that's because you need Solaris 10 media dated Foovember 20xx or later", you had software that "requires Solaris 10" that may not run on YOUR copy of Solaris 10 because it's not up to date enough too. So (just like Microsoft did years later), they eventually released Solaris 11 and started using version numbers again.


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Biggest mistake are blocking older motherboards from installing new os es. old pc mb cant even install **w 3.1-11. 286 386 can run w 3.11 and 386 w95 a b c. win 98 would be more heavy running but try it out . upd **
the same with mac. you must get new laptop OR we will not support yeah crap.
win 11 are a takeover and will support most old printers scanners. but no xp modified drivers or win 9x se 2000 me.
if the remake older systems win 9x version a b usb version to support usb 3.0 - 3.2 and soon 4.0 cant run higher then win 98 se. remake win me to run on older cpu mb rds and get voddoo 1 2 3 4 s3 power gpu and so on. we are STILL using old usb 2.0 printers. ps new win 11 12 will support old drivers again. we C HOPE
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