Windows 7 Microsoft releases "comprehensive rollup" for Windows 7 that includes all updates since SP1

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Windows 10 is off to a great start. The operating system is already installed on more than 300 million devices but it’s still far short of Microsoft’s most popular OS, Windows 7.

Launched in 2009, Windows 7 has carved out a sizable share of the desktop operating system market. According to NetMarketShare, the OS is installed on 47.82 percent of desktops compared to just 15.34 percent of machines running Windows 10.

The point I’m getting at here is that Windows 7 is still an incredibly important part of Microsoft’s overall software strategy. Given its age, however, installing a fresh copy is an arduous task that involves downloading and installing hundreds of updates. Fortunately, Microsoft isn’t turning a blind eye to the issue.

Microsoft’s Nathan Mercer recently announced a solution it’s calling a “convenience rollup” for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 that should help matters. The rollup isn’t a service pack as it doesn’t include any new features. Instead, it consists of all the security and non-security fixes that have been released since SP1 that are suitable for general distribution through April 2016.

In other words, you can simply install this one update after SP1 and all you’ll need to grab are the new updates released after April 2016. Best yet, the convenience rollup can be injected into Windows 7 SP1 media for a seamless installation. Details on how to do that can be found by clicking here.

It’s worth noting that this is a completely optional update. It won’t ever be offered through Windows Update meaning if you want it, you’ll have to manually download and install it.

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I have to say this move is very surprising. Pleasantly surprising. Although, its said I even have to say that. Since, it's the right thing to do.

Does this package include the "Get Windows 10 Trojan", KB-3035583? Because if it does, you're better off without it.

Install 208, subtract 1. :)


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Does this package include the "Get Windows 10 Trojan", KB-3035583? Because if it does, you're better off without it.
Seen that at my new job. Almost constant 400px wide nag window in the bottom right, with no option to permanently say "NO THANKS". Still afraid to turn on my updates since I disabled them some years ago.


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...[ ]....
Does this package include the "Get Windows 10 Trojan", KB-3035583? Because if it does, you're better off without it.
Install 208, subtract 1. :)
Well, if you let it install, you get the registry entries which go along with it. Look, I know it's paranoid, but I'd swear if you let the entries from the update install, it might reinstall itself. :eek: Or you might forget, and get nailed with it the next time. :eek: Or, people who aren't familiar with the update process, might embrace he convenience of this package and get nailed with it on the first go round. :eek:

End of rant, sorry..:D (No wait, that didn't come out right). I meant, "I"m sorry that I ran out of rant"...:p:cool:

No, it does not include any of the Windows 10 nagware.
OK, but you have to pinky swear, and hope Dog will strike you down if you're lying.... :suspicious:


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Paulos7 I still don't see a link. It says to get the package go to Microsoft Update Catalog. That link is a general link and not specifically relevant to the download.

Initially I was asked to install a Microsoft Update Catalog update when clicking that link (using IE11). Now it goes straight to the download page that contains x86, x64, and Windows server 2008 versions of KB3125574. Using Firefox it takes me to a page stating "To use this Web site's full functionality, you must be running Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later". I didn't know Microsoft Update Catalog existed until now, but it appears you can't download the update without it.

Raoul Duke

I have the update downloaded, as well I made a pdf out of the instruction page yesterday, so if even I can figure this 'inserting' this into the Win 7 SP1 looks like it might be another challenge altogether LOL

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The update includes: KB3080149, KB3075249 & KB3068708.
These are all for Telemetry, it can somewhat be mitigated by disabling CEIP in Windows though. (Enabled by default).
The update does however NOT include any of the "Get Windows 10" (GWX) components.
I.e. the following updates are NOT included:
KB2952664, KB2990214, KB3021917, KB3035583 or KB3123862.

Source: Your's truly ;)


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From the annals of civilization history: Beware of G(r)eeks bearing gifts.
Unfortunately, contemporary politician correctness prevents me from updating this caveat to where it needs to be, which is, "beware of Indians bearing gifts". Or namely one particular Indian, Satya Nadella.

While we're on the topic of axiomatic expressions, I'll offer this up, "if Mohamed (Win 7) won't go to the mountain, then bring the mountain (Win 10) to Mohamed (Win 7).

M$ is likely experiencing enough push back from their heavy handed tactics of ramming Windows 10 down experienced & business users throats, they've simply changed course, and decided to ram their spyware down everyone's throat, without even giving them the pleasure of having Cortana to talk to.

Which brings me to the stage in this dance where it is necessary to go to commercial break:

"Are you, like so many adopters of Windows 10, suffering from "painful rectal itch", brought on by M$'s electing to now deliver the latest version of Windows in suppository form. Rejoice! Relief is at hand, (so to speak)".

I have thoughtfully provided this image in the most prevalent monitor resolution, (1920 x 1080), so that those who have been victimized by M$, and those who will be victimized in the future, can set the image as your desk top wallpaper...Complete with "handy applicator".....> >(y) << :eek::'(
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Downloaded the x86 version and ran it in Windows 7 with 24 recent updates not installed. Ran for a half hour Searching for updates just like Windows Update would do and then asked if I wanted to install KB 3125574. Then after downloading a while it FAILED to install the only KB listed in the original file name!


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I have the update downloaded, as well I made a pdf out of the instruction page yesterday, so if even I can figure this 'inserting' this into the Win 7 SP1 looks like it might be another challenge altogether LOL

use rt-7lite,a program for configuring windows 7 ,its how to intergrate the service pack and drivers and this new update into the installation disk,and burn a new one ,I'll be doing it to mine right away..


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I have win7 on one of my computers and like it very much. I installed it after hating win8.

However, I turned off all updates to win7 and use it as is. Although there are those who say that it is dangerous, I do not find any danger problems with it. I don't browse in questionable sites nor will I open questionable email attachments. I have an anti-virus to keep my computers clean.

I really don't see the great advantage in updates and I am certain that others will disagree but I am very happy with win7 with out any updates.


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That was easy,Burning a new install disk as I took a while ,cause I hadn't done it since service pack 1 came out.

can also setup a usb drive this way as well.

those updates your forgoing may include some critical ones that may secure up some vulnerabilities,to each their own..don't blame your os ,or your antivirus,when it starts to give you grief..


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Eagerly awaiting a test between Win7 SP1 Naked, and the improved, safe(r) version, speed-wise.
Memories of XP slowly degrading (descending into MS hell) with updates as Microsoft encouraged me to use the new, better Win7 instead.
My Very simple win10 experience continues to amaze me with oddball issues, not the least of which is near daily sys-lock, non-respond when tapping on 'next episode' in the Netflix app. No response, nothing, choices are press the off button, or unplug (alternative is that I fall asleep and it Does apparently realize that it's dead, blue-screens to create a dump/report, but hangs at ~22% until I press the off button).

Sincerely hope (against All logic) that MS decides to offer a license continuation at official EOL for sebben..