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Microsoft removes Huawei laptops from its store as ARM cuts ties with Chinese firm

By midian182 · 48 replies
May 22, 2019
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  1. Following President Trump’s national emergency declaration that effectively bans US companies from buying and using telecoms equipment from "foreign adversaries," along with Huawei being added to an ‘Entity List’ barring it from doing business with American firms without government approval, top tech names have been cutting ties with the world’s second-largest smartphone firm.

    After Google initially revoked Huawei’s Android license, thereby restricting it to using the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), the US Commerce Department granted a 90-day reprieve allowing Google to continue providing security patches and software updates to Huawei devices.

    A new development saw the Huawei MateBook X Pro listing removed from Microsoft’s store—you can see the cached version here—suggesting the Redmond firm is complying with the government ban. Microsoft retail stores will keep selling the laptop, which is one of the best-reviewed models on the market, until stock is depleted.

    While Microsoft has refused to confirm or deny if it will stop Huawei from obtaining Windows licenses, the situation isn’t looking good for the Chinese giant. While it has been working on Windows and Android replacement operating systems, it’s unclear how far along these are and how much consumers would be willing to use them.

    Other companies reportedly severing ties with Huawei include British IP vendor Arm, which is affected by the ban as its chip designs contain “US origin technology.” Last year we were reporting of a triumphant Huawei who had beaten Qualcomm to make the first 7nm SoC with its own Kirin 980. However, that chip is based on Arm's Cortex-A76 and Mali-G76 technology which now makes it a no-go if the ban continues to be enforced in full.

    UK mobile carrier EE, meanwhile, has dropped Huawei phones from its 5G network launch in the country.

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  2. Danny101

    Danny101 TS Guru Posts: 739   +284

    This all could have been avoided if companies were't so greedy. They enabled China to become strong and belligerent. If you want to use the carrot method, then you have to make the horse move first. China just sat there gobbling it all up, like Pac-Man.
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  3. xxLCxx

    xxLCxx TS Addict Posts: 231   +153

    Cool! Hopefully China kicks Microsoft off their soil. What's that in billions?
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  4. dj2017

    dj2017 TS Maniac Posts: 160   +167

    It's almost frightening how easily US can kill a huge company like Huawei. We can start throwing arguments about China and spying and stuff, but nothing can stop US to use the same tactic in other situations. For example "support our political/economical agenda or we will destroy the multi billion dollar company A that is based in your country, with tens of thousands employees". Behind closed doors in these cases, but still, a possibility. And please don't argue that Americans are the good guys and they don't do this kind of stuff.
  5. mbrowne5061

    mbrowne5061 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,181   +651

    Pac-Man moves while eating. Just thought I would point that out.
  6. GregonMaui

    GregonMaui TS Booster Posts: 126   +37

    I remember not so long ago during the late 80's how politicians were scrambling all over themselves to be the most global free-trade (unfettered as well) trade idealogs. I know because I was accused of being protectionism for stating that we needed to take it slower including peeling the playing field on the environment (no sense increasing and exporting pollution), labor laws (nothing like good-old child labor and unfair labor practices to make countries great again), and intellectual property rights. But that is not what we got. We got no rules.

    Do I sound like I just said, "I told you so"?
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  7. GeforcerFX

    GeforcerFX TS Evangelist Posts: 863   +368

    all of about $10, China doesn't pay for windows or office or software in general, ever notice how all there home made software and gaming is all F2P, if they try and sell it they lose.
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  8. netman

    netman TS Addict Posts: 289   +89

    This is nothing but to suppress China economically so they wouldn't become the world number one economy in the near future....The drawback is that the economic wars have a dangerous implication to become military wars!
  9. xxLCxx

    xxLCxx TS Addict Posts: 231   +153

    You're off by a few years. These days, Windows typically comes already pre-installed on the computer when you buy it. There isn't much the big computer corporations can do about it. They simply pass on the bill to their customers.
    Hence, no to your prejudice.
    TempleOrion likes this.
  10. David Belkin

    David Belkin TS Enthusiast Posts: 46   +41

    This is nothing but corporate war waged by the world's biggest rogue government who is engaging in the biggest spy network in the world.
    TempleOrion and Shailendra S like this.
  11. Danny101

    Danny101 TS Guru Posts: 739   +284

    Very true and a valid concern. Far better to not have began the trading in the first place..
    Digitalzone and Misagt like this.
  12. loki1944

    loki1944 TS Addict Posts: 133   +81

    Awesome. Throatpunch those commies back to PRC.
  13. loki1944

    loki1944 TS Addict Posts: 133   +81

    It's called National Interests; and the Cold War did not end with the demise of the Warsaw Pact. I say, kick the sh*t out of Communist China any way we can.
    Digitalzone and Misagt like this.
  14. sac39507

    sac39507 TS Addict Posts: 248   +93

    Now we will no longer have dollar stores...boo hoo
  15. Danny101

    Danny101 TS Guru Posts: 739   +284

    Huawei got KO'D by ARM.
  16. Shailendra S

    Shailendra S TS Rookie

    Similar fashion, they destroyed Iran & Afghanistan, no proof even today of nuclear arsenal owning of these two countries. A well planned strategy was adopted to propagate the presence of nuclear arsenal.

    These insinuations of espionage, data theft are also fake just raised to kill competition and prove false supremacy.
  17. toooooot

    toooooot TS Evangelist Posts: 769   +378

    I have read multiple threads on Reddit from people who had something good selling only for a moment till amazon was flooded with cheaper 100% clone of their product. I dont expect you to know that if you arent trying to sell something you invented or created. But you could read about European companies building tech in China only to have them say thank you and continuing to use the same tech themselves for free. Likewise, there are factories making stuff like cosmetic during the day for known brands, and then making the same cheap knock off at night using the same components.
    Even if you argue all of this and find that I am being extremely subjective, there is one thing the history has proven all the times. And that is, Communist regimes are evil. They are very evil, evil or somewhat evil. But they always disregard the right and freedom of people and will not stop expanding like disgusting abomination from below.
    Like the first comment said "if our companies weren't this greedy"
    But they are* And the West handed what at the time seemed like not much for very cheap labor.
    We now are facing the near shift of all the advances to their side. And that to the addition of already having the factories and skilled cheap workers. Already they took the jobs that could benefit Europe and USA so much. No, we handed those to them. And they were smart. I admire Chinese communism. They went much further than any other communist country advanced before collapsing. They learned and they copied till they got to the point of being able to make almost everything we can.
    Is it right to do nothing watching them making us poor at our advance, using what our mind have created? Watching them take what they could merely "borrow" for their worker's pay and a fraction of tech to make themselves a better country.
    They are not like us, Europeans. We could never be the same with them as we are with Europe, Australia.
    Their way of life and how their government leads them is completely hostile to what we respect and follow.
    It doesnt matter how much it hurts, but it is time to do something. And this is scary that there is no trust at all in Trump's administration. But looking at this problem know, I realize how useless our previos presidents have been. Like seriously, did they get paid by China? How did they simply allowed our most valued possessions, inventions, to leak so much to China?

    If we dont reverse this catastrophe, it will be the doom of western world.
    China and communism even more, can not be trusted.
    And a good communism is a dead communism.
    loki1944 and Misagt like this.
  18. Shailendra S

    Shailendra S TS Rookie

    Agreed with your following statement:
    And this is scary that there is no trust at all in Trump's administration. But looking at this problem know, I realize how useless our previos presidents have been. Like seriously, did they get paid by China? How did they simply allowed our most valued possessions, inventions, to leak so much to China?

    The previous governments killed the industries in the name of cheap labor, environment and costs.
    They shifted the most important part, the manufacturing base.
    What you have left is now only software.
    loki1944 likes this.
  19. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 14,828   +3,921

    That's all well and good,high flown, noble, and idealistic. The only problem is that most of the jobs in Huawei, are created by America purchasing their product.

    As a comparison, if Apple went out of business, I wouldn't give a crap how many Foxconn employees lost their jobs.
    Knot Schure likes this.
  20. Edito

    Edito TS Booster Posts: 98   +31

    USA is not killing anyone, only those who live in the USA and don't know about the outside world think Huawei will disappear... China is stronger than USA right now and USA needs China more than China needs USA that's a fact that's why they gave it 90 Days in those days everything will change...
    Charles Olson, TempleOrion and xxLCxx like this.
  21. Knot Schure

    Knot Schure TS Addict Posts: 254   +110

    Hello from Asia - there are LOADS of laptops in high street stores / malls here that ship with Ubuntu as opposed to Windows.

    I imagine they get them home and insert their hacky Windows disk...
  22. Alex1105

    Alex1105 TS Rookie

    Most of Huawei's growth comes from Europe and Asia. The US can't kill Huawei, they will just force their hand to design and develop even more.
  23. netman

    netman TS Addict Posts: 289   +89

    Whether US wants it or not, China will surpass US as world number one economy...as they have done it for the past twenty years leaving behind, Germany, India and Japan...

    China saves and invest money versus US that borrows and spends it specially on military arms and stupid wars!
  24. quadibloc

    quadibloc TS Booster Posts: 71   +38

    The only legitimate reason for this ban, at this point, are Huawei's alleged covert sales of equipment containing U.S. technology to Iran. That is a standard criterion for adding a company to the Enemy List or whatever it's called.

    The fact that Huawei is in China, and the Chinese government could hypothetically lean on it to insert spying capabilities in its products, although a very real possibility, is only a cause for the U.S. to block certain types of purchases from Huawei, not for action like this.
    TempleOrion and xxLCxx like this.
  25. 82ndAbn

    82ndAbn TS Rookie

    China is not stronger than the USA....that is what we are fed, because we do live behind a curtain, somewhat.....

    USA GDP is double China's, with 1/3 the people.
    USA is #1 food exporter in the world, with less people than most other countries.
    USA is now #1 energy supplier in the world.

    The reason for all these levels listed above, with less people, is our market rewards efficiency. The main problem with China is that they have to provide a means of work and livelihood for over 1 billion people. That is very hard to do. That is why I believe China needs the US more than we need them. I don't want them to fail, but if they let these brilliant people excel on their own talents, then we might be in trouble.

    They are trying a "MADE IN CHINA" push to be in place by 2025 and I think with their current system, it will be hard to accomplish.

    And remember, this story is only presented to us at a level of what we currently know.....there is a lot more we don't know about. Canada, Japan & Australia (to name a few) is taking the same position as the US and it has to be for a reason.

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