Micrsoft Office 2007 BETA

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Jul 9, 2006

  1. You can get the Microsoft Office 2007 BETA, for free from the address above, not catches, not scams, just download and install. I am usually not a big fan of BETAs but when i saw the vista and Office BETAs, i had to download, mostly because i'm impatient and curious, (and i couldnt find my Office 2003 disks).

    Its got a whole new feel and style to it which is quite interesting, i'm still playing with it and the new features, but i must say I'm quite impressed so far :)
  2. altheman

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    I got the beta a while back, and I've got to say it looks good. But the new interface is a bit difficult at first.
    Also, for people who install it, make sure you change the default save format to .doc, .xls, etc, or your documents wont open on other pcs.
  3. #Curtis

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    Good point, i save as Office 2003 template, seems to work :)
  4. baddmr2

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    Microsoft Office 2007 (beta) WONT UNISNTALL!!

    I too downloaded this program about 6 months ago, but now its gone haywire, It wont let me uninstall from add/remove programs. Keeps giving me errors , I keep getting popups for the installation of microsoft office outlook MUI (english) 2007 beta on my screen when I open certain applications! If i try to let it install, it cant find files it needs and kraps out.. I have to hit cancel about 5 times or more just to get it to go away. I also had office xp pro installed and that worked awesome. I did uninstall that to see if it would take the beta with it but no such luck.. ANYBODY have any idea how i can get this darn office 2007 (beta) off my puter??

    Any help would be appreciated!
  5. smore9648

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