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Minecraft delayed, also coming to Xbox 360

By Emil · 178 replies
Jun 12, 2011
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  1. Hit up some Acid and play the game.. maybe then MAYBE.... you will have some insight.
  2. I would love to play minecraft on the xbox360 or the ps3 and im sure there is a way for both of them to handle the game it will just take a while but it would be worth it. I also agree that it is a computer game but it would also be fun to play it on these consoles and if you don't like it just simply play it on the pc but i know there are a lot of ppl who would like it for the consoles and you can get used to playing it on whatever console or pc and for those of you ppl who say video games are a waste of time then why the hell are you commenting on stuff that is about video games just stop wasting your time commenting on it.
  3. Why does Xbox get an exclusive version of minecraft and not PSN? This is ridiculous. Thankfully I have a PC version and will get the android one.
  4. fortress craft isnt all that great. you search for buried relics that give you a jetpack super jump or super speed and others. i "beat" the game by finding all the relics in two days. and you dont even mine for things. you have an unlimited ammount of anything in your invintory. the game also resets your relics every now and then so its a waste or time. xbox also has total miner: forge but its also just as bad. to make anything you have to find a blueprint. the blueprints are all over. above ground and 4000 blocks below ground. its a hastle and gets old quickly. i hope minecraft has the same approach it did on the computer and with multiplayer online play.
  5. Well first of fortress craft is nothing like the real minecraft you cant use the pick and the gaming on it is way to weird and slow and all you do is spawn stuff and delete nothing like minecraft
  6. I would love to play this game but dont own a PC only a dell inspiron 1545 laptop. Is it still worth purchasing.
  7. just face it xbox 360 is better than ps3 so stop whining is to hard to switch it to ps3 so xbo 360 better all around
  8. To anyone who doubts minecraft,

    The reason we all like minecraft is because we can express our creativity into a map, a town, a city, even a world... still unsure go to youtube type minecraft click the picture that has a 1 then go 1 to i think 25 these people are super funny Simon / Lewis they tell jokes, in minecraft they dig giant holes, in minecraft and go on quest throughout the world of minecraft, of minecraft
  9. because ps3 has a sucky service and fortress craft isnt anywhere close to a replica
  10. EPICNESS. I have tried to play Mine-craft on my PC but it always froze up, NOW I CAN FINALLY PLAY IT! AND I KNOW ITS AWESOME! AND ADDICTIVE!
  11. i would really enjoy minecraft fpr the xbox why?
    my pc is too much of a piece of -blam!- to play it with out being on the lowest settings! it will run much smoother for me...
    i want to know mainly if i can move my maps from the pc to the xbox
  12. Fortress craft isnt an exact copy its the worst game ever made, maybe some will disagree, but the game sucks. We need something like minecraft but i dont think want minecraft coming to PSN because of the hackers
  13. FortressCraft's a turdburglar compared to minecraft. It's more like minecraft classic, no mobs, tools, or anything.
  14. Thank you!
  15. ha, no its not
  16. fortrescraft? more like silly block game with no point, its nothing like minecraft.
  17. True sir,true
  18. Chronus

    Chronus TS Booster Posts: 118

    Considering Notch just got married recently. Like a week or so ago, I can see why it would be delayed.

    Minecraft is going through a huge update, from a Sandbox game, to a hopefully interactive Game.

    A lot of new content is being put into it, about as much if not more than you would expect to see from an expansion in other games. Those games take months of creating, debugging and the like.


    As for those who wonder what the appeal to the game is: It is a lot like Lego’s, if you want to build something, you can build it. If you want to level a mountain, you can. You can play the game however you want to play it. And if you get bored, you find a Mod, download it, and play it.

    In the end, the questions are, are you goal oriented? Do you like to build things, fight things, explore? Are you creative, Will you make yourself a castle; an underwater laboratory; a city; a world?

    Some of the things I’ve seen people build:
    Mines of Moria
    Roman Coliseum
    USS Enterprise

    And a lot more.

    Best part for me, being able to play with friends and work on projects together.

    As for the problem with the game lagging it is a mix of all the information being kept track of, AND the graphics.

    The graphics card has to have the information so it knows what to display when. So it’s more of how much RAM the video card has, more than how powerful it is. (Not a lot of calculations going on, as its all blocks, not a ton of polygons which is what powerful graphics cards are meant for.)

    Chunks are 16 blocks wide, 16 blocks long, and 128 blocks deep, which is 32,768 blocks total. When wandering the world the nearest 81 chunks are loaded, arranged in a 9 by 9 grid around the player.

    These chunks may have activity (mobs spawning, trees growing, water flowing, dropped items disappearing etc.), while the other world chunks are inactive, stored on your hard drive.

    If a player goes to an area that is beyond the already generated chunks, new chunks are generated and stored to the drive.
  19. FortressCraft, and CastleMiner are both excellent indie games however MineCraft would be nice to have- especially multiplayer. I don't care if the price ranges from 1500 mps or 2000mps, I'd still buy it just because of the water effects, blocks effects and monster effects. Working together in multiplayer mode to keep out monsters would be interesting.
  20. i think its great that minecraft is coming to xbox, there are other versions eg. fortress craft but i dont think those are as good by a long shot... i hope its coming out on disk instead of download as i dont have xbox live but desperatly whant minecraft!!!
  21. fortress craft is nothing like minecraft its just a rip off with no point... its terrible next to minecraft!!!
  22. Guess you got the wrong console eh? Haha jk I like giving people a hard time.
  23. FortressCraft is the saddest excuse for a minecraft clone out there bud.
  24. I hope it will be survival, creative isnt just as fun for me.
  25. Fortresscraft is horrible, total miner is probably the closest thing to minecraft we have so far

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