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Minecraft delayed, also coming to Xbox 360

By Emil ยท 178 replies
Jun 12, 2011
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  1. In my opinion anybody who says xbox sucks. Says that because they are either too poor to afford xbox live .... OR are little squeaky ps3 fan boys.... OR are jealous of are exclusive content.
  2. they're different fortresscraft is worse than minecraft
  3. yous clearly don't understand.
    NUMBER 1
    Minecraft runs straight from the hard drive and minecraft is made up from lots of small files but a hard drive as not good at that so it doesn't matter what kind of processor you have its not your computers fault if it lags all you have to do is find a way on how to make the ram more involved.
    NUMBER 2
    When they're working on the Xbox 360 version they will obviously edit the way the game runs and also alter the way the game runs so ........... yeeeeaaaaah beat that bitches
  4. i was also very happy tp here that minecraft is coming to xbox because my computer cant run it :(
  5. yes but total miner sucks balls
  6. I love anything todo with lego and personally castleminer,fortresscraft and total miner are allot like minecraft.They are all awesome if you want to play my gamertag is BoUndSInATor1 I have total miner we can play it.
  7. it doesn't matter that xbox doesn't have a good graphics card we still have better games and ps3 only is good for games like fifa because its realistic for minecraft it would be too good graphics and you will see all of the pxels in everything tou have built
  8. PSN is so rubbish, so why bother?
  9. im sorry did you say its a crappy game go read and decode the codes and reply back
  10. at the end of a day i have both consoles and i love the both i play xbox more cuz my friends have it but i play ps cus of the move
    (for those who say it is a replica of wii i hope not go check up summit called playstation eye and see if it rings a bell)
    but i love both consoles so for those who argue just buy the other console and try it if you dont like it send it back and dont argue no more :)
  11. hope im not trolling but just type in money converter in google
  12. .........neat.......PSN can kiss my 31337 @$$
  13. You must have a very **** computer if it crashes that many times i mean i have a laptop and it never lags or crashes.
  14. um no fortress craft sucks its nothing like minecraft
  15. Fortress craft is just minecraft creative and is ****
  16. Indie Games are only for the Xbox360 if you want to cry about not getting it for the PSN than go buy a computer, and play Minecraft like a real Minecraft fan. Xbox Rules Supreame!!!
  17. When is minecraft getting released on xbox 360?
  18. Fortresscraft was terrible, i would have the minecraft version anyday. also why not just play it on xbox? i have read however it will be coming to PSN but not until later.
  19. It's mainly up to the graphics card not just the processor you need a good graphics card to make the game run smoothly yh an i7 core processor is good but with a crap graphics card game will be **** on it.
  20. shut up!! xbox is just too cool for ps3
  21. OK look some people think fortresscraft is the same as minecraft or better. I think its thats some real stuff. FortressCraft is the most BORING game i Have ever played.That game does not have as much stuff and fun as minecraft.BUt that was just my opinion Minecraft will come out some where this winter.I think it will come in the week of chirsmas. Most of my friends are telling me that it will come out near december or this winter and some just say it will be this crhistmas.Now that seems true chuase nwho would make that up.ive been waiting for MInecraft to come out on xbox for a veary long time.I am a noob to minecraft but i really love that game i dont play it on pc cuase my pc just goes to slow. but my xbox is out standing on what it can do. And i also cant belive it has youtube netflix and now bing! But like i was saying minecraft is now very far from coming out from minecraft. But i really dont know much abought minecraft but its a great game and it is lots of fun.
  22. fortresscraft isnt like minecraft does fortresscraft have monsters no so shut up and be happy about minecraft coming out for xbox360
  23. dude if xbox cant handle minecraft then y would they bring it out and plus ur i7 shutters?what is it steam powered?i think it just needs more coal. minecrafts gona be awesome on xbox nomatter what and another epic point... battlefield 3 has 50000000000000x better grapgics than minecraft and it goes smoothly so y wont a 16-bit (or whatever it is) sandbox game go fast? !BOOM!
  24. u could have a i7 processor but that doesnt mean u got a 2gb dedicated graphics out of the blue.u mgiht have i7 with half a gig dedicated graphics :p
  25. That dosent really answer our question when is mine craft coming out on xbox

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