Minecraft for PlayStation 4 gets cross-play support on December 10

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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Mojang on Monday announced that Minecraft for PlayStation 4 will be updated to the Bedrock Edition on December 10.

The new version additionally grants access to the Minecraft Marketplace where you can pick up new mini-games, skins, worlds and more.

Bedrock is a free update that will install itself automatically so when you open Minecraft from December 10, you should be good to go with the new version. Mojang Senior Creative Writer Kelsey Howard said the update, codenamed Buzzy Bees (1.14), will land at approximately 8 am Pacific on Tuesday.

Minecraft earlier this year surpassed Tetris as the best-selling video game of all time. According to studio head Helen Chiang, the game has over 112 million monthly active players (as of September). Just last week, the game was featured in YouTube’s annual Rewind as the most viewed video game of the year with over 100 billion views.

It’s all rather incredible for a game that many thought was nearing its peak when Microsoft came knocking with $2.5 billion in 2014.

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TS Maniac
Hooray. Maybe now MS can work on fixing bedrock edition. Most old school players and youtubers are still using Java because bedrock doesn’t exactly mimic Java in some crucial areas.

I find it heinous, this “bedrock” edition is a close approximation of Minecraft that looks the same but isn’t. If you are a minecraft veteran who likes to build farms or other complicated redstone builds and mod properly then you are stuck on Java and you don’t have all these fancy new cross play features.

Right now Java and Bedrock have update parity so it’s fine. But I can’t see ray tracing coming to Java and at some point I get the impression that MS will abandon Java. When that day comes there will be outrage amongst the community that have been there from the beginning.

MS have to be careful here.