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Aug 31, 2010
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  1. Seemingly for no apparent reason my PC shuts down. I have several Minidumps but do not have ability to read them or analize (5 attached). Please let me know your thoughts.

    I have tried to update drivers and made sure antivirus up to date. Something is going out but I can't tell what.

    Thank you for any help/advice.

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  2. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    Your issue is with the wireless/NIC card driver ele5132.sys. Update the drivers.
  3. CJGj

    CJGj TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The update worked perfectly. No more issues. Thank a ton!
  4. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    Great! And thanks for letting us know.

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