Missing drivers after format and i can't download them

After formatting my Accer Aspire 5755G which was on win10, and installing win7 on it, many drivers suddenly were unidentified.
I did everything I could but I can't seem to be able to fix it, I reformatted my pc and installed another version of win7 even, I tried manually downloading the drivers but none worked.
I will attach a picture with the missing drivers, I will also try to re install win10 but I will wait until I get a response from you.
Hope you can help.



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Hi! You may need to install different drivers, because those may not support Windows 7. You may also just need to install windows 10 again, and stay with that, because Windows 7 is going out of support anyway.
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You need the drivers from their websites, NOT microsoft update :sigh:

your problem is to properly identify the make/model of each device.
Start with the Ethernet Driver which will make it easier to locate the others.
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Thank you, this was very helpful indeed, I checked the model of my pc and I have identified most of the drivers I need, and they have worked, I will take your advice by staying with windows 10, I just thought since my pc was made to support win7, it would be faster with it
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