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New Mid/High-End Keeps Crashing with Clean Windows Installation and Drivers

By RodrigoA · 4 replies
Feb 7, 2018
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  1. Hi guys,

    I’m having troubles with a new mid/high end PC and can’t find the problem, so I’m here for help… Basically, it hangs up, sometimes with a BSOD and sometimes I just have to manually reset it.

    This started to happen 2 months ago, when windows got updated. That time, the BSOD had a variety of Stop codes, like machine check exception; clock watchdog timeout and few others. The solution was to recover to a point before windows update and stop those updates for 30 days (the maximum days windows let you). That pretty much worked, BUT after those 30 days windows got updated again… and those hangs up returned.

    So, I decided to format the disk and do a clean windows installation, which worked for 1 week before pc starting to hangs up again! The 1st Stop Code I got (other times didn’t get a BSOD, the pc just freezes and had to reset it) was SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED (fltmgr.sys + ntoskrnl.exe). After many restarts, I reinstalled the GPU drivers and got a full day of heavy use without any problem. But late that day, the pc got suspended and after a wake up it immediately got stuck again, and after that I got like 8 freezes in a row, with different stop codes:

    - IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL (ntoskrnl.exe)
    - WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR (stuck in 0%, no minidump)
    - CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT (stuck in 0%, no minidump)

    Every driver is updated, BIOS also, no virus/malwares/etc, and there’s not a pointed action where it crashes, it can be on starts up, while playing, or while surfing the web. Yesterday I used it for 8 hs perfectly, and today I got already 5 crashes in a row.

    The weird thing is almost the same happened like 5 months ago with another GPU (Radeon RX 570), where things pointed out that was a hardware issue and changed it for a GTX 1070. Everything was fine until that windows update…

    Well, I’m uploading screenshots of BlueScreenView and WhoCrashed, and a HiJackThis log. PC spects:

    - I7 7700K
    - GTX 1070
    - 270z gaming K5
    - Corsair Vengeance RGB 2x4GB

    Thanks in advice!

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  2. Cycloid Torus

    Cycloid Torus Stone age computing - click on the rock below.. Posts: 3,732   +1,074

    OK, you have tried a lot of things which should have worked. Sorry they haven't.
    If it were mine, I would:
    - download, burn and run a Rescue Disk (like the one from BitDefender)
    - remove the graphics driver entirely using DDU and use the generic driver
    - download and run Memtest86 overnight (lots of passes)
    - sort through all you have connected to the system and remove any and all that you can do without (USB hub, webcam, etc), if it runs without a problem, slowly one-by-one reconnect the extras

    Others may have a better insight, but my bet due to the wide variety of crashes is RAM or PSU - or maybe you dropped a penny on the motherboard and it is sliding around. (Did I ever tell you about the crashing XT - caused by the secretary's silk dress.) Good luck.
  3. holdum323

    holdum323 Banned Posts: 1,724   +455

    Hi After doing what @Cycloid Torus You might give this a look from MS community.
    I See you have "Who Crashed" that gave you a fitmgr sys error.
    FLTMGR.SYS blue screen errors are typically caused by faulty hardware or corrupt device driver files.
    Here's quite a list of things from MS community. Let us know how things go. I think this is a very good article and has a lot of good information!
  4. RodrigoA

    RodrigoA TS Rookie Topic Starter

    High Guys! thanks for replying. Yesterday I did some test and uploaded the following info:

    - Sysnative BOSD Collection is uploaded in to DropBox
    - Speccy (also in DropBox): http://speccy.piriform.com/results/jtQvBN8vlqvWfrPdJBStWI2

    I also uploaded to DropBox the following test results (each in its respective folder):

    - CPU: IntelBurn in Standard and Very High, but had to stop it coz temperatures (100°C). Also tried Prime95: used it for 5 min, temp was 100°C so I stopped it. Both without errors.
    - GPU: Furmark and VideoMemoryTest. Both without errors.
    - SD: HD Tune Benchmark in Free and Pro version got different results, also in the Health tab there is a communication error and could not run the File Benchmark because a I/O error. There is a CrystalDiskMark also.
    - MEMORY: MemTest86 with all 14 test, only once and with both RAMs installed, but got no errors.

    Cycloid: I already did a clean GPU driver install with DDU. The MemTest was only 1 pass, I should try run it overnight. When I get home I will run the rescue disk and remove everything connected.

    Holdum: I will also try some things I did not before in the link you provided, when I get home.


    * I can't link to a DropBox folder?

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    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
  5. holdum323

    holdum323 Banned Posts: 1,724   +455

    Thanks for the update. Let us know how things go!

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